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Structural & Foundation Repair Services Near Georgetown, Richmond, Lexington

Every professional foundation contractor at The Basement Doctor of Central Kentucky specializes in foundation repair solutions for every foundation problem that may occur.  Every day we're meeting with customers to solve their basement foundation problems.

By calling or e-mailing us for a no-obligation free foundation repair quote, we can help you decide the best course of action to resolve your foundation issues once and for all!

Our free quotes come in writing and are prepared following an on-site inspection and personal consultation. We'll also provide you with a free copy of our foundation repair book

Our Foundation Services

We offer all of the following foundation repair services throughout our Kentucky service area:

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The Cost Of Foundation Repair

Each home has a unique problem that needs a customized solution. Our experts can meet with you for free to discuss what we'd recommend -- and how much that repair may cost.

More about foundation repair costs.

Repair Or Replace The Foundation?

Home foundation problems alert many homeowners because they often look much worse than they actually are.  Because of this, your foundation may seem like it is beyond repair and must be replaced.

It's important to take every foundation problem, but it's also important to bear in mind that most have a simple, permanent solution.  Destroying the old foundation and building a new one in its place is NOT the solution.

Replacing your foundation often doesn't properly address the original source of your foundation problem which is the soil around your home.  It involves excavating the entire perimeter of the house, placing the structure and temporary supports, building a new wall and filling the perimeter back in.  This process is both time-consuming and expensive, to say the least. 

Foundations old and new can experience damage from expansive soils, settlement, frost and other forces. That's why we at The Basement Doctor of Central Kentucky prefer to address problems without rebuilding -- using reliable, permanent solutions.

More about Repairing Vs. Replacing A Foundation.

We Can Fix Your Foundation Or Structural Problem!

No matter what foundation problem you are dealing with, we at The Basement Doctor of Central Kentucky are here to help!  We would like to provide you with a free foundation repair quote where we'll introduce you to one of our foundation specialists.  They will be able to answer questions you have and break down the approach of restoring your home to its original structural stability.

With our specialized equipment, products and professional experience, you will not be disappointed. Call or e-mail us today to schedule your free quote! We proudly serve Richmond, Lexington, Georgetown, areas nearby such as Nicholasville, Frankfort, Winchester, Danville, Shelbyville, Berea, Middlesboro and the surrounding areas.

Foundation Wall Stabilization

Pressure from outside your foundation walls —from expansive clay soils and from soil saturated with water—can impose loads that your walls were not designed to withstand.

Once soil pressure exceeds a wall's strength, the wall will begin to bow inwards, tilt at the top and/or slide inwards at the bottom.

If the problem is ignored long enough, it can even lead to the collapse of the wall. We have simple, effective solutions for failing foundation walls that can be installed quickly -- often in a day or less!

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severe foundation wall failure symptoms of a basement wall in Columbia

Foundation Wall Straightening

Our foundation wall anchors are designed to both stabilize foundation walls and provide additional adjustment capability to return them to their original position. Our repair techniques will stabilize the wall right away. Completely straightening a bowed wall can be done gradually or immediately, depending on the strategy you select.

Bowing, tilting foundation walls should not be left that way! Our wall straightening services can get your walls back to a straight, stable position in no time.

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A foundation wall leaning in at the top in Pine Knot

Street Creep Repair

If you live in a region where your streets are made with concrete, the expansion and contraction of the concrete can lead to serious damage to your foundation.

As its expansion joints begin to fail, a concrete driveway can exert tremendous pressure on the garage slab and walls and on your foundation walls. This can lead to serious cracks in these walls.

Street creep can be effectively repaired with our street creep repair system, which includes wall anchors and improved expansion joints.

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Severe street creep damage to a garage wall outside a Williamsburg home

Foundation Settlement Repair

Your house weighs a lot and the soils underneath may have a limited ability to support that weight. As the soil fails to support the structural weight, part of all of it may begin to sink downwards. As it does, a wide variety of problems can result, including cracked walls and floors, tilting chimneys, jamming doors and windows and other issues.

Stabilizing a foundation with foundation piers can transfer the weight of your home to competent load-bearing soils or bedrock deep below your home, bypassing inadequate soils that are causing settlement problems.

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major cracking of a brick foundation wall in East Bernstadt

Crawl Space Repair

Floors above crawl spaces often begin to sag for three major reasons: sinking mid-span supports, poorly spaced supports and rotting structural members. This damage shows up in the living space in the form of uneven or bouncy floors, jamming doors and cracks in the wallboard.

Repairing a damaged crawl space can often be done in less than a day. Heavy duty support posts can restore structural stability to the home and they may even return the floor to its original straight, level state.

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