The Basement Doctor of Central Kentucky Q&A

What can be some causes of basement leaks?

There can be many reasons why water leaks into a basement.  Sometimes hydrostatic pressure causes water to work its way in, or there can be cracks in the foundation that the homeowner doesn't even realize are there!  If you are experiencing a leaky basement, why not call the waterproofing experts in your area?   Schedule an appointment with one of our certified inspectors who will inspect your basement and sit down with you to explain the best solution to your leaky basement.

What happens when there is standing water in your basement?

Stillwater pooling in your basement can lead to several problems in your home, like mold, mildew, mosquitos (and other parasites), and water damage. It is best to call a contractor to remove pooling water from your basement as soon as possible. After the water has been removed you should schedule an appointment with a professional to install some waterproofing measures to prevent future issues.

What to do about water in basement?

Having a wet basement can prevent you from using the space as you would like.  Our patented waterproofing system can turn your wet basement into a dry, comfortable space that you can use for storage or extra living space.  Think of all the things you can do with that space...a family room, extra bedroom??  Schedule an appointment with a certified inspector to find the solution for your home and turn your wet basement into a basement that you can enjoy!

What to do to a moist crowl space?

Moisture in a crawlspace can cause a lot of problems in your home.  Moisture can cause wood rot, mold and mildew.  As a homeowner, sometimes it is hard to find the source of the moisture.  Why not call the crawlspace and basement experts?  A certified inspector will inspect the crawlspace.  Yes, he is going in that dark, wet space...he will find the problem with the crawl space and give you the best options for your home.  Our inspectors are very knowledgeable, friendly and are passionate about helping people to find the best solutions for their homes!

What type of vapor barrier to use in crawl space?

A vapor barrier is usually made of plastic sheeting set into place on the crawl space floor.  This provides a barrier between the ground and the inside of the crawlspace.  The problem with just the plastic sheeting is you are not stopping the water from coming in.  You could have plastic sheeting that is swimming in water.  Every home has different needs and sometimes it is difficult to find out what they may be.  Maybe you need a SmartSump Crawl Space Drainage System...or CleanSpace Encapsulation System...why not call the basement and crawlspace experts to find the best solution to your home.  

Who can make a crawl space dry?

The Basement Doctor of Central Kentucky can make your crawlspace dry!!  We are your crawl space and basement experts!  Having a wet crawlspace can cause problems not only in the crawl space area but in the home above.  Schedule an appointment with one of our certified inspectors.  He will take the time to inspect your crawl space and provide you with the best solution for your home. 

Who do you call for water in the crawl space of the house?

The Basement Doctor of Central Kentucky!!  We are your crawl space and basement experts.  Not a lot of people look into the crawl space that often, and when you do you may be surprised to find that there is water sitting in there.  Call The Basement Doctor of Central Kentucky to find the source of the water and the best solution to keep the crawl space dry!   

Why do basements flood?

There are a number of reasons that a basement can flood.  Water finds its way in through the walls, floor, through cracks...any number of ways! The important thing to do is to find the solution for the unique needs in your basement.  Our patented WaterGuard Basement Waterproofing system intercepts the water that is coming into your basement and drains it to the sump pump system to be pumped away from the house.   Need a sump pump, or a battery back-up sump pump?  We can help you find the right combination for your home.

Why does it sound like I hear water under my house and it's not raining?

If it sounds like it's raining under your house that cannot be a good thing.  One reason could be a plumbing leak.  Our SmartSump Drainage System is designed just for crawl spaces.  It has a unique lid design so water from a plumbing leak fills the alarm pocket on the lid sounding a WaterWatch alarm.  The WaterWatch Alarm will alert you to a problem with the pump due to a water leak, power failure or pump failure.  Having a SmartSump with a WaterWatch alarm could save you from the cost of repair due to water damage or high water bills due to a plumbing leak.  Find out how you can protect your crawlspace by calling us today!

Why does my crawl space collect water around the foundation when it rains?

Your crawl space may not be properly sealed or may have a leak. There are several waterproofing measures that you can take to help prevent this problem. You should consult a professional contractor to see what they recommend for your specific crawl space issues.

Why is my crawl space not insulated?

Your crawl space is likely not insulated because it is what we would call a "dirt crawl space" - meaning it is positioned directly above the earth with no form of protection. These types of crawl spaces can allow moisture, critters, and other unpleasant things into your crawl space. It is best to get your crawl space insulated and fitted with a vapor barrier to uncouple the effects of the ground from your crawl space. An insulated crawl space can also lead to warmer floors, lower heating costs, and healthier home air.

Why is there small amount of water in my basement?

Basements are known to be wet places in houses.  Water seems to find its way in through cracks in the foundation or sometimes just seeps right through the wall or floor.  A small amount of water could end up causing big problems later on, not to mention, that having even a small amount of water could prevent you from being able to fully use your basement.  It doesn't have to stay that way...with a little help from The Basement Doctor of Kentucky we can turn your wet basement into a dry space that you can use for storage or extra living space.  

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