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Basement water problems are about as old as the structures they reside in. Water will leak into a basement through any opening it can, including your walls, floors and the joints between them. Water can even pass through the concrete itself -- which is one reason why basements are notoriously damp, humid spaces.

If your Kentucky home has a wet, leaky basement, look no further for a responsible basement waterproofing company - give us a call. The Basement Doctor of Central Kentucky has been keeping basements dry since 2002.

Let one of our basement experts come and give you a free waterproofing estimate. We want to help keep your basement dry all the time!

Before and After
  • Downspout/Discharge Configuring in Paintsville, Kentucky
    Downspout/Discharge Configuring in Paintsville, Kentucky

    This customer needed some piers on the side of their home and while we were installing them, the customer also asked if we could change their discharge lines for their gutters. We gleefully agreed. Pictured is a lawn outlet that conceals and discharges effectively. 

  • Basement Waterproofing Services in Morehead, Kentucky
    Basement Waterproofing Services in Morehead, Kentucky

    This half finished basement had dry wall that became damp due to waterproofing issues. We fixed the problems by installing WaterGuard drainage all along the perimeter of the interior of the basement, under the concrete floors. We then fixed the dry wall by cutting them and installing our cut walls, which are made of a non-organic material, which will never grow mold or hold moisture. We then installed a Super Sump sump pump to attach to the drainage. The sump will discharge the water far away from the foundation of the home. The result is a dry, clean basement.

  • Basement Waterproofing/Crawl Space Encapsulation in Frenchburg, Kentucky
    Basement Waterproofing/Crawl Space Encapsulation in Frenchburg, Kentucky

    This basement was leaking water in through the sides and the floor. The water was leaving the walls and floors dirty and moldy, so it was time to waterproof. The basement also had a connected little crawl space off to the side. We encapsulated this tiny part with Clean Space liner. We also extended the CleanSpace liner to the basement walls, to help cover up the moldy and dirty walls before. We also installed WaterGuard along the basement interior perimeter to drain seeping water to a Super Sump sump pump. The WaterGuard per usual gets covered with a thin layer of concrete to help conceal. The result is a healthy, clean looking basement. 

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Common waterproofing solutions:

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Through years of research, Basement Systems, Inc.® has developed a full line of peripheral basement waterproofing and basement environment products. 

Our interior basement waterproofing systems were engineered specifically to effectively solve basement water problems - without the worry of clogging and blockage from soils under the floor. Basement Systems' basement waterproofing products offer numerous improvements over old-fashioned and out-dated systems.

Since 1987, our waterproofing systems have been installed around the world to keep hundreds of thousands of basements and crawl spaces dry!

Our Innovative Approach

We've taken the best concepts from conventional waterproofing methods and combined them to create the most innovative, effective systems in the industry.

These products include french drains and sump pump systems that are custom-designed to handle all problems that arise in below-grade spaces.

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“Thank you again and I will gladly recommend your company.”

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Lisa J. of Pleasant Plain, OH

“The best money that I have spent on my house well done Basement Dr.”

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Thomas K. of Junction City, KY

“We are so impressed with him (Helio). We hope the Basement Doctor knows what a treasure they have in him.”

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Ada M. of Russel Springs, KY

“My service tech Michael K. was outstanding; he was on time, professional, knowledgeable, and very...”

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John I. of Martin, KY

“A customer called into our call center to let us know that Rusty and Cody, who recently did a job for her,...”

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Lorenia K. of Maysville, KY

“It's good to know we now have the system installed to remedy our situation. Thanks!”

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Cathy M. of Cynthiana, KY

“Then men were very frinedly, cleaned up and the crew manager explained what he was doing...”

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Doris G. of Paris, KY

“Install crew was great and clean.”

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Al S. of Alexandria, KY

“Great product and fair price!”

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Donald & Jackie C. of Cold Spring, KY

“He wasn't a high pressure guy who wanted me to spend $27,000 for something I didn’t really need, like...”

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Bob S. of Independence, KY

“Everyone was a pleasure to work with...”

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Loretta L. of Richmond, KY

“I can't say enough about this crew, they really did a great job.”

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Robert L. of Richmond, KY

Basement Waterproofing Contractors Serving Richmond, Lexington, Georgetown

Here at The Basement Doctor of Central Kentucky, we've been fixing wet basements in neighborhoods like yours since 2002. Our certified technicians have the expertise you need to get the job done quickly, effectively and permanently. There's no job too large or small -- and there's no wet basement we can't fix!

A dry basement will protect your home investment as well as enable a basement finishing project to enhance your storage space and gain additional living space.

Don't suffer from a damp or flooded basement, heightened home allergies from mold and mildew, or the insufficient living space. Let one of our specialists assess your problem and provide you with the causes and custom solutions available for your wet basement.

Whether you live in Lexington, Richmond, Georgetown, or surrounding areas such as Nicholasville, Frankfort, Winchester, Danville, Shelbyville, Berea, Middlesboro, our basement experts will show you how we can customize our waterproofing solution to keep your basement dry all the time!

For a free, no-obligation waterproofing cost quote, contact us by phone or e-mail today!

Negative-side Sealant

This involves applying a neagative-side sealant on your interoir walls and floors to seal out the moisture.The logic behind this is that a special waterproof paint or hydraulic cement will create a vapor barrier on the basement walls that will prevent moisture from traveling through and passing into the air. It's cheap and it sounds good.

Unfortunately, negative-side sealants do not remove the water sitting around the foundation, they will usually fail within the first couple months or after a heavy rainfall, allowing this water sitting against the foundation to find its way into your basement.

Exterior Excavation

To do this requires a complete removal of all soil around the entire perimeter of the basement. Anything on top of that soil- including foliage, stairs, sidewalks, gardens, porches, or other landscaping must be removed so the expensive and invasive process can begin.

This type of installation has been used for many decades—a drain of this type is generally installed when the home is built.

Interior Baseboard System

Installs on top of the basement floor with a drain that runs along the basement walls. Collects water and sends it to a sump pump system.

No jackhammering is required and the installation is safe for a monolithic basement floor.

Interior Subfloor Drain

Installs underneath the basement floor, with a drain that runs along the basement walls. Collects water and sends it to a sump pump system.

The system is easy to service and it can collect water leaking from the walls or windows as well.

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