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EverLast Basement Wall System and WaterGuard Basement Waterproofing System in Rineyville, KY

We have installed EverLast Basement Wall System and WaterGuard Basement Waterproofing System in a home in Rineyville, Kentucky.

EverLast Basement Wall System is cement boards, covered with a textured mold proof, washable vinyl finish and is a beautiful addition to your basement.  These panels, unlike regular drywall boards, will not be damaged by water or moisture that gets into the basement.  We are also installing WaterGuard Basement Waterproofing System so this is a perfect time to do both of these projects together.  

In these photos, you can see that the wall was starting to get a little damage from the water that was seeping into the basement.  Now, with the EverLast Panels and WaterGuard Basement Waterproofing System installed, the homeowner will no longer have to worry about water intrusion.  They can safely refinish the basement without worries of water intrusion and will be able to enjoy a dry, beautiful basement. 


Crack in a basement wall repaired with FlexiSpan in New Albany, IN

A homeowner in New Albany, IN was having problems with a crack in a basement wall that was seeping water.  We installed a FlexiSpan Crack Repair System to the crack.  

Home built in 1990s get an encapsulation in Louisville, KY

For this project, we worked on a cellar area of a home in Louisville, Kentucky.  The biggest part of the project was to have CleanSpace Encapsulation System installed in the cellar.  The CleanSpace Liner is a bright white plastic liner installed on the floor and walls of the cellar.  The CleanSpace liner will provide a mold and vapor proof barrier to the crawl space.  

Replacing existing sump pump system in Louisville, KY

A Louisville, Kentucky homeowner needed to have a new sump pump installed.  They met with Paul, a Certified Inspector, who recommended a SuperSump Premier Sump Pump System.  The SuperSump includes a high end 1/3 cast iron pump.  It can pump 2,650 gallons an hour.  It includes the WaterWatch Alarm that will sound an alarm if the water reaches the point that the pump should have turned on.  This will alert the homeowner to a problem before damage occurs.  It also has the SuperLiner, a heavy-duty liner that will not cave in or crack.  It also Includes the Airtight Lid that keeps moisture from evaporating back into the basement, keeps things from falling into the sump well, keeps out bugs and odors, quiets the pump and is so strong that you can stand on or store things on top of it.


CleanSpace Vent Covers as part of an insulation project in Louisville, KY

A Louisville, Kentucky homeowner had CleanSpace Vent Covers installed to help seal the crawl space.  Vent Covers will keep cold air from seeping into the crawl space.  Having unconditioned air causes cold floors in the winter and a humid environment in the crawl space and also in the living areas of the home.  The customer also had SilverGlo Crawl Space Insulation installed.  SilverGlo is rigid insulation with graphite infused into it to reflect heat back into the crawl space.  

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