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Foundation Piers Installed Near Georgetown, Richmond, Lexington

Foundation push piers installed around a house with a foundation settlement issues in Columbia

Strong and stable. Our pier system will permanently solve your foundation settlement problem.

Is foundation settlement plaguing your home?  Well, we at The Basement Doctor of Central Kentucky have a variety of reliable foundation repair products that solve all types of settlement issues, including slab piers, push piers, and helical piers.

  • Tilting Chimneys
  • Jamming Doors & Windows
  • Cracking/Sinking Slab Floors
  • Horizontal or Vertical Foundation Cracks
  • Inward Leaning at the Wall's Top

Each of our foundation pier systems is custom-designed and installed by our professional foundation contractors.

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We serve Lexington, Richmond, Georgetown, and many nearby areas in Kentucky.

Professionally Installed Foundation Piers

The foundation piers that we install are the best of the best.  They have been specially engineered to create a minimal disturbance and for a fast, effective installation.  Our in-house crews are fully trained through Foundation Supportworks, an international network of foundation experts.  They install our foundation push piers that will solve your foundation problems for years to come. 

The foundation piers are available in black steel and galvanized steel, which allows for long-term strength and corrosion resistance.

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Foundation Piering Products

A foundation push pier system illustration picture

Foundation Push Pier Systems

This is the best foundation repair option available when soil conditions are unknown, providing a permanent solution for your settlement issues.

These rugged steel push piers feature a patent-pending external sleeve that strengthens the pier at the critical tension point below the bracket.

Advantages Of Foundation Supportworks Push Piers:

  • Reaches Greater Depth Than Any Other Option
  • Fast, Effective Installation
  • Minimal Disturbance During Installation
  • Best Opportunity to Lift Home to Original Position

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Illustration of a foundation helical pier system.

Foundation Helical Pier System

A helical pier owes its name to the helical plates welded to the pier shaft. These plates help to pull the pier into the soil during installation and provide anchoring strength as the weight of the foundation or structural element is transferred to the pier.

Helical piers have a great deal of versatility for stabilizing and restoring foundations and masonry elements.

Advantages Of Foundation Supportworks Helical Piers:

  • Stabilize Light Structures Like Decks Or Concrete Stairs
  • Can Help Lift Settled Foundations Back To Original Level
  • Fast, Effective Installation
  • Year-Round Installation

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Diagram of a foundation slab pier.

Slab Pier System

This type of pier was designed precisely to stabilize and (in some cases) raise slabs that have settled.  Slab piers or push piers are driven into the soil in the settlement area, deep enough to connect the slab to stable, load-bearing soil or bedrock.

To conclude the installation of your slab pier system, a specially designed bracket connects the top of the pier to the underside of the slab, to stabilize and/or raise the slab back to its original position.

Advantages Of Foundation Supportworks Slab Piers:

  • Non-destructive repair requiring minimal excavation
  • Can help lift a settled slab in addition to stabilizing it, in some cases
  • Completely hidden after installation holes are filled
  • Can extend to great depths to contact stable soil or bedrock

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