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Crawl Space Repair Before & After Photos

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Home built in 1990s get an encapsulation in Louisville, KY

For this project, we worked on a cellar area of a home in Louisville, Kentucky.  The biggest part of the project was to have CleanSpace Encapsulation System installed in the cellar.  The CleanSpace Liner is a bright white plastic liner installed on the floor and walls of the cellar.  The CleanSpace liner will provide a mold and vapor proof barrier to the crawl space.  

CleanSpace Vent Covers as part of an insulation project in Louisville, KY

A Louisville, Kentucky homeowner had CleanSpace Vent Covers installed to help seal the crawl space.  Vent Covers will keep cold air from seeping into the crawl space.  Having unconditioned air causes cold floors in the winter and a humid environment in the crawl space and also in the living areas of the home.  The customer also had SilverGlo Crawl Space Insulation installed.  SilverGlo is rigid insulation with graphite infused into it to reflect heat back into the crawl space.  

Everlast Door installed in Louisville, Kentucky

We installed an EverLast Crawl Space Door in Louisville, Kentucky.  The EverLast door helps to provide an airtight seal of the crawl space and keeps debris and water from entering the crawl space. 

Turtl Crawl Space Access System installed in Mt. Washington, KY

We installed a Turtl Crawl Space Access System for a homeowner in Mount Washington, Kentucky.  The Turtl gives the homeowner easy access to the crawl space.  The Turtl is made out of rigid plastic that will not rot or ever need to be painted.  The weathertight door prevents debris from entering the crawl space and is strong enough you can stand on it, and it can be locked for security. 


The Turtl crawlspace door installed in Lawrenceburg, KY

Donna W. called The Basement Doctor to to update the access to get into her crawl space.  At the time, the only cover on the crawl space consisted of a piece of hard plastic that could easilly let in water, insects and even animals into the crawlspace and needed our help.

Our inspector, Damon, recommended The Turtl crawl space access system.   The Turtl is a crawl space access well made from rigid plastic, which will be very low maintenance and will not rust, rot or need to be painted and it also has a weatherproof, lockable door that will not only add security but added beauty to the outside of her home that will last for years to come!

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