Testimonials for The Basement Doctor of Central Kentucky

Great Job!  Our crawl space is AMAZING!  Wish we would have found out about you sooner.  All of the crew was wonderful.  Very courteous, professional, friendly and readily answered all of our questions.  Thanks for a teriffic job! 
Claire & Guenter S. of Richmond, KY
Monday, September 17th
The sales presentation was extremely educational.  I thought that Dan was very knowledgeable and professional.  With much research on the internet, The Basement Doctor was the best option for me. 
Ward H. of Richmond, KY
Friday, September 13th
Daniel and the entire crew were not only super friendly but completely professional. They were on time, did their work both efficiently and effectively and when the project was completed, it looked great. I can't say enough about this crew, they really did a great job.
Robert L. of Richmond, KY
Monday, July 19th
I am very pleased with the outcome and the process to rid my basement of water leaks.  The team worked great as a team and were very professional.  They explained the process as it ocurred.  They were careful to protect my furnishings.  I have already recommended The Basement Doctor to four families. 
Lorraine P. of Villa Hills, KY
Thursday, May 5th
Because of our age, we did not want to worry about lack of power to run our sump pumps. Battery backups provide us with peace of mind during storms. Both the sales rep and installer were very informative about the products.
Ray S. of Lexington, KY
Thursday, September 26th
We met Brent at our pre-inspection. He was very knowledgeable and helpful in letting us know what to expect. WE are very glad that he was our foreman for the job. The best part this job was working with Brent Adams as our foreman. He led a very hard working crew. Very friendly and polite. The staff is polite and courteous. Some additional contact was required in order to fulfill requests.
Bob M. of Edgewood, KY
Friday, April 24th
I was hestitant about the work part as it was a big job. You sent Brent as a "pre-work" inspector and we went over everything. I was so impressed with Brent that it just set the tone for the project. By the time he left I was so comfortable with what "we" needed to do to get ready and how respectful he was about our property. It left me with a level of comfort that I have never had with a work crew. He made specific notes of items that our home he would take special care of and was such a genuine person. Brent gave us their start and stop times and they were on time every day. Brent was in constant communication with us and I felt comfortable with Joe and Chris. Each person on this crew treated me with kindness and respect. Brent was super detailed of only tearing up exactly what he needed even if it meant several hours of HOT, dirty shoveling for him and his guys. Not one complaint out of any of them for doing the extra work!!! Every day before they left they really took the time to clean up the areas they were working on even if they were coming back the next day. I think if Brent would have come to the first meeting we wouldn't have waited a year to get on board. Brent is so knowledgable and gained my trust immediately! We are so pleased with this job and mainly because of the execution of the work phase. VERY HAPPY!
Tina J. of Fort Michell, KY
Sunday, June 28th
Dear Roger, Thank you so much for all your kindness, caring, and help in clearing the way for the basement job with your company.  You can't know how grateful and relieved I was when you stepped up and fought for me.  I prayed for help and you arrived at the moment I was to give in.   Thank you again, I appreciate it more than you will ever know, Sincerely, Mary 
Mary A. of Ft. Mitchell, KY
Wednesday, March 25th
We just bid Killis, Shawn, and Tyler a grateful adieu after a week at our house. We purchased our home by trusting an inspector since we were still in Michigan. We didn't know what we would find after removing the old insulation in our swamped-out crawl space. Killis had a plan and kept things on track as the old supports came out and the new jacks went in. The encapsulation system, sump pumps, and dehumidifier are impressive, and a vast improvement. I feel so much more secure walking through my home, now that the crawl space is improved. The team was ultimately professional, knowledgeable, and clean. We are so relieved that Killis, Shawn, and Tyler were the experts that saved our home!    
Christy S. of Gray, KY
Wednesday, December 2nd
Your salesperson presented the product and installation procedure in great detail.  He knows his job and products very well!  And the installation crew did an outstanding job and the work was finished in just two days.  Every man in the crew knew his job and they worked well as a team.  Thank you men!  
Richard J. of Erlanger, KY
Monday, July 21st
Walt Fanthorp is the reason we ended up choosing to do business with The Basement Doctor.  He conducted the third estimate we had done.  While other salespeople/technicians were cordial and professional Mr. Fanthorp went above and beyond.  He did not complain about the idiosyncrasies of our basement like other companies' reps did; rather he stated his opinion of the required solution in a straightforward manner.  He also showed me a video of the water guard technology as well as how houses are built at the foundation and basement level-no one else ever came close to helping me understand how water was likely getting into the basement.  He was also friendly and down-to-earth and easy to talk to, and, unlike the sales reps from other companies we spoke with, he actually smiled a lot and appeared to really enjoy his work and believe in his company.  He did a great job building a relationship with me in a short amount of time, and as a result, I felt really good about giving my business to Basement Doctor.   I originally found out about the company through an internet search.  But, as I mentioned above, I chose this company largely due to the professionalism and friendliness of Mr. Fanthorp as well as his proposed solution to our basement water issue.  In addition, I was impressed with the water guard technology and felt that would suit our needs as water was seeping into the basement at times through one particular wall, and the price was lower than that quoted by other companies on the order of two grand or so.  For all of these reasons and above all the courtesy and professionalism of Mr. Fanthorp, we decided to choose the basement doctor. 
Dale B. of Florence, KY
Monday, January 7th
Efficient and professional crew came out and installed helical piers on the back corner of my house. Very pleased.
Krishna H. of Lexington, KY
Monday, February 22nd
All of my experiences with Basement Doctor so far have been great! The company is responsive and all installers and technicians very knowledgeable. I especially want to shout out Michael Klemens who came on-site today for annual preventive maintenance - Michael provided some great tips and it's very apparent that he takes pride both in his work and his company.
Adam C. of Lexington, KY
Thursday, March 25th
Water pump from condenser moving water outside was stuck and not functioning properly. Michael Klemens was able to completely resolve the issue. Totally satisfied with his service in Lexington, KY.
Richard M. of Lexington, KY
Wednesday, May 26th
Installed Smartjacks in crawl space. Professional and efficient.
Liz C. of Lexington, KY
Monday, July 19th
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