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Photo Album: WaterGuard and a SuperSump resolve water problems in Winchester, KY

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A Winchester, Kentucky homeowner was having problems with water seeping in at the floor in the basement.  The basement foundation walls are made of stone and the house was built in the 30s.  The homeowner met with Brice, a Certified Inspector, who recommended that WaterGuard Basement Waterproofing System and a SuperSump Premier Sump Pump System is installed.

WaterGuard Basement Waterproofing System is a piping system installed in the floor along the foundation walls.  WaterGuard will intercept the water that is seeping into the basement and will drain the water into the sump pump system to be pumped out of the basement.  

The SuperSump Premier Sump Pump System is a high-end 1/3 hp Zoeller cast iron sump pump.  It includes a WaterWatch Alarm, SuperLiner, and an Airtight Lid.  The WaterWatch Alarm will sound if the water reaches the point that the pump should have turned on and it will also sound if there is a pump failure.  This will alert the homeowner to a problem that needs to be resolved with the system before damage occurs.  The SuperLiner has 96 holes throughout it to allow water to flow into the liner from under the floor.  It is a heavy-duty, rugged liner that will not crack or cave in.  The Airtight Lid keeps water from evaporating back into the basement, keeps things from falling into the liner, keeps out bugs and odors and quiets the pump.  

WaterGuard intercepting the water and the SuperSump pumping it out of the basement now the homeowner will be able to make use of the basement without worries of water intrusion.  Another product that could be considered for this basement is CleanSpace Wall System or BrightWall Paneling system to give the basement a semi-finished look.  These products also drain wall leaks down into the WaterGuard System.  

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