6 Things You Can Do With Your Basement Space

Tuesday, October 27th, 2020 by Alexis Wolfe

Basement Gym: 

You could set up a basement gym - and it's easier than you think! Between the concrete floors and the open space, your basement is an ideal spot to set up a workout area. All you really need is a set of weights and assorted workout equipment. Maybe you can set up a stationary bike, treadmill, or elliptical. The best part is you can work out in peace and quiet without having to worry about people hearing you banging around through the floor. 


Home Theater: 

The basement is an ideal place to set up a home theater for a few reasons. For one, the acoustics tend to be very good due to the reverberations off of the concrete. You can also potentially set up a projector screen on your open wall space. All you really need to make a great home theater in your basement is some comfortable seating, a projector or television, and a popcorn maker. Then you're ready to host film festivals in your own home! Think of all the money you will save on going to the movies. 


Basement Apartment: 

Do you have a child or relative who's ready to move out, but doesn't quite have the funds for their own place yet? Why not set up a small basement apartment for them? With a lock on your basement door, a pull-out couch, a private bathroom, and some small kitchen appliances - you can start charging your loved ones rent for living in your basement. 


Art Studio: 

Your basement might just be a place where artistic masterpieces can come to life. Start with an easel a potter's wheel - or both - and get creative. Plus you never have to worry about getting paint or clay in your carpet - just wipe it off the concrete. 


Wine Cellar / Basement Bar: 

Are you a wine or bourbon fan? So much so that you're running out of room for all the bottles? Well set up some shelving in your basement and store them along the walls! Your basement will prevent your wine and spirits from being affected by UV light while they age - like your very own wine cellar. Add in a downstairs bar setup, and you've got yourself a classy place to host wine tastings. 


Second Living Room: 

Don't throw out that old couch when you buy a new one - just move it to the basement! Throw in a TV, some beanbag chairs, and a bookshelf - and you have yourself a second living room.


We hope that you found these suggestions inspirational. Just remember, if you believe in your basement and use a little bit of imagination - great things are possible!

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