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The Basement Doctor of Central Kentucky Case Studies: Crawl space water problems resolved with CleanSpace Encapsulation System, in Morehead, KY

Friday, August 30th, 2019 by Elaine Davis


A homeowner in Morehead, Kentucky called The Basement Doctor of Central Kentucky regarding some water problems in the crawl space of the home and was concerned about it causing some foundation problems.  The homeowner met with Albert who recommended that a CleanSpace Encapsulation System with CleanSpace Liner, CleanSpace Drainage Matting, CleanSpace Vent Covers, SilverGlo Crawl Space Wall Insulation, SaniDry Sedona, and an Everlast door are installed to resolve the water problems for the homeowner.  


CleanSpace Drainage Matting is installed on the crawl space floor.  This will provide a channel for water to flow out of the crawl space.  The CleanSpace liner is a plastic liner, similar to a pool liner that is permanently attached to the floor and walls of the crawl space.  The CleanSpace Liner provides a moisture-proof barrier between the home and the ground below.  The CleanSpace Vent Covers are used to seal the existing vents and prevent debris from entering the crawl space.  

SilverGlo Crawl Space Wall Insulation is polystyrene insulation that has graphite particles infused into it to reflect heat and will help to keep the floors in the living space warmer in the winter.  

The SmartSump Crawl Space Drainage System pumps water out of the crawl space.  It includes the WaterWatch Alarm that will sound an alarm if there is a pump or power failure.  The WaterWatch Alarm will alert the homeowner to a problem with the system that needs to be resolved.  The Airtight Lid keeps water from evaporating back into the crawl space.  It also keeps out odors, insects, and animals, and helps to quiet the pump.  The Airtight Floor Drain will allow water to flow in from a plumbing leak but will not allow the water to backflow into the crawl space.  These are all valuable features to have in a crawl space especially since many homeowners do not enter the crawl space to know that there is a problem before damage has occurred.  

The SaniDry Sedona is a dehumidifier that controls the moisture in the crawl space and has filters that remove mold spores, dust mite droppings and other particulates from the air.  It is important to control the amount of moisture in your home to discourage mold, wood rot, and musty odors.  

And lastly, the EverLast Door....the EverLast door is made of a plastic material and will not rot, need to be painted, and will give the homeowner easy access to the crawl space. 

With these products installed, the crawl space will remain dry and the homeowner will notice savings in the heating and cooling costs, and the home will be healthier and more comfortable.  

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